Deconstruction of 18 years’ memory #12, polyptych, rice paper, ink, acrylic on panel, 11 X 9”

“Deconstruction of Memory” is my new series of paintings.
It is all about memory, personal narrative and documentary in an abstract way. 

Traditional Chinese scroll painting is a continuous roll of rice paper of varying length on which images have been painted. For many years, I have kept sketches on rice paper scrolls like others keep a diary. To create “Deconstruction,” I cut these sketches and made mini scrolls. I repurposed these fragments on canvas, along with acrylic painted shapes/gestural to reconstruct new paintings. In “Reconstruction,” new painting is built on old painting; past me meets present me on canvas.

Through deconstruction and reconstruction, I create a new art form which fuses Western and Eastern art materials and techniques.

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